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Creating good products is not enough. You want to create traction on the market, engagement from your users and love for your brand. But it’s easier said than done.
What if you could have a product management expert within your team ? This is what BiG is about.

Offer A : From Good to Great

BiG is your product team’s “Gordon Ramsay”. After auditing your unit and getting to know the team, it’s all about learning by DOING. No slide or bullsh*t theory: experiments + experience only.


How to ask the right questions at the right time, how to focus on the right objective, which metrics to follow to grow the business…


What is everyone’s responsibilities in and out of the team, how to make product managers + designers + developers fit together as a team…


How to combine product management and agile, build a roadmap and get it from paper to code, run the right tests with the right hypothesis, housekeep a product and decide when to kill a feature.


How to build and share specific knowledge in product management, i.e. business model testing, lean start-up & lean branding, product launching and lifecycle management.

Offer B : From 0 to 1

BiG takes a group of motivated employees, makes them think and move like an internal startup. BiG leads them to create and tweak a brand new product on an existing or new market.
From 0 to 1 is do-with, hand-dirty mentoring, NOT by-the-book consulting or build-me-that service.

Phase 1 : Generate traction

  • Forget you’re smart and go listen to people
  • Discover and validate a REAL pain in the backside
  • Don’t code anything if possible: interviews & mock-ups
  • Create the minimum to test your traction
  • Iterate until your message captures an audience

Phase 2 : Generate engagement

  • Start to code the first features
  • Measure, measure, measure !
  • Test the incremental fit of every new feature
  • Go from early-adopters to a solid niche market
  • Start monetizing, even if it’s symbolic !

Why choose BiG ?

BiG is just a pretty name for Fabrice des Mazery‘s product mentoring activity. Fabrice has been working in digital product marketing & management for 15 years.
Ex-serial entrepreneur, he founded 3 companies and sold 2, including 1 to NASA. He’s worked for companies from all sectors such as Axa, Decathlon, Dior, Lexus, IBM, Meetic, Deezer or Voyages-SNCF.

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